“To create real shareholder value, operating with integrity and honesty in the worldwide communities in which we do business.  Toward this end we will engage in those businesses that promote personal healthcare and encourage new and profitable product development opportunities.”

Primary Strategy: Improve the accuracy, usefulness, and efficacy of the device by testing our BreasTel product at various world-class medical centers to obtain analytic data and information.

Secondary Strategy: Build credibility by demonstrating effectiveness to all interested parties, end users, and medical providers.

Tertiary Strategy: Design and develop the BreasTel product for commercial and consumer use by improving the capabilities of the product for future uses.

The objective of the Company initially is to promote women’s breast health care and later men’s health issues as well, especially in the areas of potential location, identification, and characterization of medical abnormalities while offering our customers various physician-assisted solutions.

Identification Solutions, Inc. (IDS) was founded in 2010 by a strong team of seasoned professionals dedicated to increasing the availability of health-centered diagnostic tools and information to the general public, empowering individuals to pro-actively manage their own healthcare by providing low-cost, consumer friendly, life-saving technology aimed at timely detection and the promotion of global health and wellness through the use of smart phone, cloud-based, and computer applications.

The IDS founding team and key people are serial entrepreneurs, each with a minimum of 30 years experience. Medical industry, finance, marketing and engineering are well covered. The Board Director has 30 years of experience in the medical industry, half of which involved breast cancer computer-aided detection. The CFO has been a key player in $15 billion of mergers and acquisitions, $500 million in two IPOs and is a published Sarbanes-Oxley expert. The VP Business Development has a 30-year background in computer industry marketing and technology. The VP Marketing has 25 years of experience and developed social media marketing for Microsoft, CVS, Target, Walmart and many other major retailers. The CTO was Director of the SRI Artificial Intelligence Lab for 20 years.

Currently IDS is staffed in the following key areas: Management, Engineering/IT, Medical, Sales/Marketing, Manufacturing/Operations, and Compliance/FDA, as well as consultants in product development and design. In addition to our U.S.-based team, we have opened an EU-based office with a small team in place for testing, regulation, and marketing. IDS has a full board of directors and SOX controls. (For full information, see our Corporate Governance section.)